That Pure Life! Though
Orange sunrise, purple sunset
100 baby sea turtles swimming out to sea
I felt the heartbeat on my palm
Crabs of sequence pink make tiny sand balls
What is that design?
Pelicans dive deep.
Is that a baby sea turtle he just caught?
I feel my heartbeat on my palm
My soul fills up with joy and explodes in tears out my eyes and throat
Hermits decorated with shells clamor over driftwood and plastic
I trip
The soft roar of the sea
Each wave crashing over like the pulse of the heart
A wave of emotion, another wave of gratitude
In it comes, back out it goes
Lush green forest lines the sand, like skin lines the body
It breathes
Spirals and circles drawn in the sand
Where does it begin and end? Does it?
That Pura Vida! Though

Occupy the Mind

​How does one occupy the mind when you have so time?
Watch TV?
But what if has no such thing
Nor electricitee
How about read or write a book?
But there is no paper, no plastic pen, no pencil
For all trees are still standing
And no shovels for digg-ing
How about fall in love?
But this one is the only one
No other one for the mind to love
How about imagine?
Sit, watch, listen, taste, touch
Suddenly become one
With it all
Infinite, forever
But dance to what?
The rythym of the sea of course
Like the birds make wayves with the see
So too can wee